MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects PedalUsing a Bucket Brigade chip to delay the signal and create that classic chorus effect, the MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal gives you five control knobs to generate your own personal sound.

The M234 Analog Chorus is another very popular stomp-box created by MXR, a company that’s been making effects pedals since 1972. It’s a 100% pure analogue, and it uses a Bucket Brigade chip to delay the signal and create the warm, classic, chorus effect that it does. Continue reading “MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal”

Black Magic Woman by Santana – How to Play

black magic womanIf you want to learn how to play Black Magic Woman, one of Santana’s most popular songs, this is a great place to get started.

Originally written by Peter Green in 1968 for Fleetwood Mac, his band at the time, Black Magic Woman, was first performed by Carlos Santana in 1970, for the record Abraxas. The Santana version also blends in a song from 1966 called Gypsy Queen, by Gabor Szabo, which adds much of the polyphony rhythm. Black Magic Woman has always been one of Santana’s most popular songs.

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Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail NanoThe compact Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano pedal has those treasured Holy Grail reverb sounds, and features mono in and mono out, with true bypass switching.

The Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano has the same prized sounds as the legendary Holy Grail reverb pedal, in a rugged, performance-friendly nano die-cast chassis that’s just a little over two inches wide. It’s designed to be very easy to use with only one switch and one control knob needed to dial in your reverb settings. Continue reading “Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano”

Modifying Your Tele for Nashville Style Wiring

nashville style wiringIf you'd like to add a dash of “Strat” tone to your Tele, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll help you set up your Tele for Nashville Style wiring.

So, first things first. What is the Nashville Style Tele, how is it wired, and can you can modify your Telecaster so it produces its tone?

A Nashville Style Tele is just a Standard Telecaster with three pickups instead of two, and a five-way selector switch instead of a three-way selector switch. This Mod was created by Tele players looking to coax some Strat style tones out of their Telecaster while still retaining that crucial Neck + Bridge pickup combination not found on the Strat.

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Under My Thumb, by The Rolling Stones – How to Play

under my ThumbThe Rolling Stones' Under My Thumb — a song that is really just Verse and Chorus sections that repeat — is pretty learner-friendly, so give it a try.

Under My Thumb, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for the 1966 record Aftermath, was the first to be recorded in the United States and is notable for the instruments not usually associated with the Rolling Stones, such as the Marimba. BIll Wyman uses (most likely) a Maestro Fuzz pedal on the Bass guitar for this song.

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MXR M300 Digital Reverb Pedal

MXR M300 Digital Reverb PedalThe MXR M300 Digital Reverb, with six different styles, each with three controls, allows you to connect an expression pedal, to toggle between two knob setting configurations.

The MXR M300 Digital Reverb is another great one in a long line of MXR pedals. The M300 Digital Reverb contains six different styles, and each is fine-tuned using three control knobs. Decay adjusts the length of the reverberation, Blend adjusts how much reverb is added to the dry signal, and Tone, which adjusts the brightness of the reverb, also doubles as a push-button to cycle through the six reverb types: Plate, Spring, Epic, Mod, Room, and Pad.

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Layla, by Derek and The Dominos – How to Play

Layla by Derek And The DominosLearn how to play Layla, by Derek and The Dominos, the six-guitar-part legend composed by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon.

This time we are going to look at the song Layla, by Derek and the Dominoes. Released in 1970, Layla was written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon separately, with Clapton composing the guitar heavy first half, followed by Gordon’s composition of the piano heavy second half. Duane Allman is also featured in this song, playing slide guitar. The final recording of Layla was sped up a small amount, so if you try to play along with the recording your guitar will be (almost but not quite) ½ step flat.

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Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal

Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb PedalThe Aurora features true bypass, 100% analog dry through, and a 24-bit, high-fidelity reverb processor.

The Aurora Digital Reverb is Keeley’s first digital reverb pedal. There are three types of reverb built into the pedal and they include Hall, Plate, and Room. The three types are selectable by using a center-mounted three-way toggle switch. The sound of each type of the Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal can be dialed in by using the four control knobs.

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Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix – How to Play

purple hazeLook for Jimi's tricks and inventiveness, as you learn how to play his classic Purple Haze, which introduced the world to his amazing talent, back in the '60s.

Purple Haze was written by Jimi Hendrix in 1967 for the record “Are You Experienced.” This was the first single by The Jimi Hendrix Experience that was written by the band. An earlier single titled “Hey Joe” was (possibly) written by Billy Roberts, but Purple Haze became an instant hit and introduced the world to Jimi’s amazing playing, inventiveness, and psychedelic imagery.

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Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal by TC Electronic

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb PedalWith four control knobs to dial in your sound, the Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal allows you to choose up to eight studio-quality reverb types.

The next generation of TC Electronic’s highly regarded digital reverb pedal, the Hall of Fame 2, uses four control knobs to dial in your sound. Decay adjusts how long the reverberation trails on, Tone adjusts the volume of the octave up signal allowing for bright to dark reverb tones, and Level adjusts how loud the reverberations are — from subtle to all-encompassing. Continue reading “Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal by TC Electronic”