Reader Question: Is the Takamine ef508kc a Good Choice?

Takamine ef508kc

If you’re considering a  2007 Takamine ef508kc, be assured, it’s a good choice — it’s not only a top-ranking guitar, but it’s also a genuine beauty!

George writes:

I am considering purchasing a 2007 Takamine ef508kc. In researching it I saw your comments in Bestcovery. What do you think of the ef508kc?

Thanks for your time.

Our Answer:

Hi George,

Thanks for your question. This is a first-class guitar. Koa is not only visually stunning, but it offers some pretty complex and warm tones as well. The CT4B preamp is well thought out and a real asset. Takamine does not make too many bad guitars. The retail price is pretty fair for this instrument, so if you’re buying a used one in good shape and the asking price is reasonable, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be unhappy with your purchase.

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