Zephyr Silver Tele Lead by Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele LeadIn the Zephyr Silver Tele Lead Pickup, Seymour Duncan has replaced the usual copper wire with silver wire, producing a softer, more manageable and more evenly wound coil.

The Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele Lead is designed as a direct replacement for the bridge pickup on the Tele. It was created in response to a challenge put to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller, that he make the best pickup in his power, regardless of cost or material.

As the name suggests, the wire coil that is usually made of copper, is made of fine silver wire. So, as you might expect, the lower resistance of silver changes the way the pickups sound, and the way they react to your strings. The silver wire is softer and more manageable than copper, and results in a better, more evenly wound coil. It’s designed to have a richer tone, and to put out slightly more gain than stock pickups.

The Zephyr Silver Tele Lead uses ALNICO 5 magnets, and the Nickel and Stainless Steel Bi-Metallic Pole Pieces are staggered for even tone across all six strings. Seymour Duncan uses a Glass Fiberfill Nylon Bobbin, chosen for its stability, slight advantages in sonic detail and definition, and resistance to microphonic feedback. Each Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele Lead Bridge Pickup also receives a Cryogenic Treatment for improvements in clarity.

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