Zephyr Silver Tele Lead by Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele LeadIn the Zephyr Silver Tele Lead Pickup, Seymour Duncan has replaced the usual copper wire with silver wire, producing a softer, more manageable and more evenly wound coil.

The Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele Lead is designed as a direct replacement for the bridge pickup on the Tele. It was created in response to a challenge put to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller, that he make the best pickup in his power, regardless of cost or material. Continue reading “Zephyr Silver Tele Lead by Seymour Duncan”

ST59-1 Little 59, by Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little 59Designed as a replacement for the stock Tele, the Little 59 is a medium-output pickup with an even bass and treble, and a slight midrange scoop for great Rock or Metal distortion.

The Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little 59 is another mini-humbucker designed to deliver more of a Rock tone from your Tele. It features two coils side by side and uses a ceramic magnet for high output and a brighter high end. Designed with Gibson’s first humbucker in mind, the Little 59 is meant to have that PAF (Patent Applied For) sound, while still retaining some of the Tele twang. Continue reading “ST59-1 Little 59, by Seymour Duncan”

DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384

DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384The DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384 pickup fits perfectly into the bridge of the Fender Telecaster, with no modifications to the guitar.

The DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384 is a very high-output pickup designed especially for the bridge position of the Fender Telecaster. It has a lot less twang than the stock Tele pickup, but a good deal more mids and lows, and considerably more volume. Continue reading “DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384”

Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge

Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele BridgeThe Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge Pickup uses four-conductor wiring for parallel humbucking, plus split single coil for more tonal options.

The Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge Pickup is a stacked humbucker, designed with Heavy Rock in mind. There are two over-wound coils stacked on top of each other around a bar magnet, creating a humbucker pickup that is the same size as a single coil. This leads to silent operation, which is essential in Modern Rock’s extremely high gain amplifiers. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge”

DiMarzio DP318 Super Distortion T Tele

DiMarzio DP318 Super Distortion T TeleThe DP318 Super Distortion T Tele puts out the same high gain as the regular Super Distortion, and the coils are powerful enough to allow splitting into a single coil without weakening the sound.

The DiMarzio DP318 Super Distortion T Tele is designed to offer the same performance as the famous Super Distortion in a humbucking Tele bridge direct replacement pickup. This is a mini-humbucker, designed to fit into the Telecaster’s single coil bridge position. In addition, its coils create a silent pickup with thicker and warmer lows. Continue reading “DiMarzio DP318 Super Distortion T Tele”

Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz

Earthquaker Devices Spires Double FuzzThe Spires Double Fuzz is two pedals in one: the Green Channel, which is a cranked fuzz effect, and the Red Channel, which has the classic two-transistor fuzz.

The Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz pedal is actually two different fuzz pedals in one box: the Green Channel and the Red channel. The Green Channel is a cranked fuzz effect inspired by the Rosac Electronic Nu-Fuzz and is a “sonic clone” of that pedal. With the Green Channel the fuzz is constant, and the Tone knob adjusts the brightness of the overall tone. Continue reading “Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz”

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube FuzzThe uniquely-designed tube of the Fuzz Fiend protrudes from the unit, protected by roll bars, and using it as part of the circuit, the Fiend gets you from heavy fuzz to a cleaner tone, with just the volume knob.

The Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz is unique in that it is one of the few pedals that uses a real tube as part of its circuit. The Fuzz Fiend uses one 12AX7 tube to give the pedal it’s signature tone, and it has a FUZZ control and a VOLUME control. The Fuzz Fiend also has pretty extreme BASS, MID, TREBLE controls that can eliminate frequencies altogether, and really help you shape a unique sound, one not easily found elsewhere. Continue reading “Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz”

Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal

Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz FuzzThe Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal keeps things pretty simple with just Volume, Boost, one switch to change between FUZZ and OCTA, and a true bypass LED on/off light.

The Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz is an exact replica of the vintage Tycobrahe Octavia, and it’s the only copy of the pedal being made today. It has two modes: FUZZ and OCTA, and as expected, FUZZ is the normal fuzz effect. OCTA is the fuzz effect, mixed with an octave up effect. Continue reading “Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal”

Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal

Zvex Vexter Fuzz FactoryOn the small side, and using less power than most other pedals, the unique Fuzz Factory still offers a vintage sound, extensive range, and great control.

The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory is a rather colorful little pedal that is smaller than it looks. The Fuzz Factory uses two NOS ’60s germanium transistors for a smooth warm fuzz. Even though the more modern fuzz circuit isn’t modeled after any specific vintage fuzz, it still has a very vintage sound. Continue reading “Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal”

Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make

Fulltone 69 mkIIIndividually hand-built for quality and perfection, and with matching germanium transistors for a warmer, smoother fuzz, the Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz is a re-creation of the original 69 Fuzz.

The Fulltone 69 mkII is a re-creation of the original 69 Fuzz pedal. It uses matching germanium transistors to get a warmer and smoother fuzz, and there are four knobs to help you dial in your tone. A large “Fuzz” knob adjusts the amount of fuzzy delight, and a large “Volume” adjusts the level of signal coming out of the pedal and going into your amp. Continue reading “Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make”