DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384

DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384 Pickup

The DiMarzio Chopper T Bridge DP384 is a very high-output pickup designed especially for the bridge position of the Fender Telecaster. It has a lot less twang than the stock Tele pickup, but a good deal more mids and lows, and considerably more volume. If you stick with the stock Tele 250K controls for the Volume and Tone, the pickup creates a warm sound without too much of a high-end boost. If you change the Volume and Tone pots to 500k you will get a lot more high-end, and a brighter overall sound. The Chopper T is designed to have side-by-side coils instead of stacked, and it has a twin-blade construction, making it much quieter than the stock single coil.

Also, there are no string alignment or magnetic pull problems with this pickup design. The Chopper T uses a ceramic magnet for its higher output capabilities and brighter tones, and it connects to the guitar with four lead wires plus a shield. This is a black covered pickup that fits perfectly into the bridge position of a Tele with no modifications to the guitar. Players who use this pickup include Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen.

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