Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge

Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge

The Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge Pickup is a stacked humbucker, designed with Heavy Rock in mind. There are two over-wound coils stacked on top of each other around a bar magnet, creating a humbucker pickup that is the same size as a single coil. This leads to silent operation, which is essential in Modern Rock’s extremely high gain amplifiers.

The bar magnet used in this pickup is ceramic, which was chosen for its higher output and brighter tone qualities. This pickup uses four-conductor wiring for parallel humbucking, and split single coil for more tonal options.

The Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack Tele Bridge Pickup is designed for brighter sound, with more emphasis on the mid-range and sustain. So, this should help your leads cut through the mix the way your stock Tele would, while still allowing the rhythm guitars to be thick and heavy.

The Hot Lead Stack is designed to take into account the slanted bridge position of the Telecaster, and its coil has been tweaked accordingly. Available in black, this pickup will drop right into place without any modifications to the guitar.

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