Railhammer Nuevo 90 Wiring Diagram

Railhammer Nuevo 90 wiringKiller P-90 tone awaits you with this Railhammer Nuevo 90 Wiring Diagram

In this post, we’re going to share our Railhammer Nuevo 90 wiring diagram, which gets you up-and-running with a great P-90 tone. The Nuevo 90, as you may have been able to deduce from the name, is Railhammer’s modern take on the vintage P90 pickup. It features much of the same sound associated with the original P90, but the tone is a little more balanced, and the coils are a little more responsive than a vintage model.

While the Nuevo 90 is the same size as a humbucker pickup, and it has two coils, four colored wires, and a bare wire like a standard humbucker, it’s not a humbucker. It’s considered a single-coil because one small coil picks up the bottom three bass strings, while another small coil picks up the top treble strings. Then Nuevo 90 uses a rail style coil for the bass strings and standard post style coil for the treble strings. Like humbucker pickups, each coil has a beginning wire and an ending wire, and the bare wire shields the entire pickup.

Wiring Code

Luckily for us, Railhammer makes it easy by sticking to the same wiring code for their P90 style pickups, as well as their humbuckers.

  • One coil uses black and white
  • One coil uses red and green

You can see these colors represented in Figure 1. (Note: my graphic editor didn’t have one of these pickups, so I had to use a vintage P90 to represent it.

Fig 1

Installation Preparation

To prepare the Railhammer Nuevo 90 for installation, we need to connect the red and white wires and tape them off. We also connect the green and bare wires. It’s best to solder the wires, so they don’t come apart. When you’re finished, it should look like Figure 2.

Fig 2

Pickup Installation

To install the pickup and complete our Railhammer Nuevo 90 wiring, we need only connect the black wire to our switch and our green and bare wires to the back of our volume pot, as shown in Figure 3.

Fig 3

With the solder connections made, we are finished. We should be able to select the pickup with the pickup selector and hear the warm, yet articulate tones it creates.


Installing these pickups is not very difficult, but we can understand how the numerous wires can make it seem more challenging than it is. It’s also easy to understand how people might think they could split these pickups as you can split a humbucker. But, it’s important to remember that these are essentially single coil pickups, and splitting them will leave you without coverage on three of the strings. However, there are other interesting mods you can perform, like wiring them out of phase.

We hope that this article on Railhammer Nuevo 90 wiring has been helpful in installing your pick up and we’d love to know your opinion on these new modern style P90s. If you’ve found this guide helpful and you have learned something new, please share this Railhammer Nuevo 90 wiring article on Facebook and Twitter.