Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz

Earthquaker Devices Spires Double FuzzEarthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz

The Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz pedal is actually two different fuzz pedals in one box: the Green Channel and the Red channel. The Green Channel is a cranked fuzz effect inspired by the Rosac Electronic Nu-Fuzz and is a “sonic clone” of that pedal. With the Green Channel the fuzz is constant, and the Tone knob adjusts the brightness of the overall tone. The Red Channel is a recreation of the now discontinued Dream Crusher, but with a modern design that is more stable and less temperature-sensitive, yet it still has the classic two-transistor fuzz. Continue reading “Earthquaker Devices Spires Double Fuzz”

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube FuzzFriedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz

The Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz is unique in that it is one of the few pedals that uses a real tube as part of it’s circuit. The Fuzz Fiend uses one 12AX7 tube to give the pedal it’s signature tone, and it has a FUZZ control and a VOLUME control. The Fuzz Fiend also has pretty extreme BASS, MID, TREBLE controls that can eliminate frequencies altogether, and really help you shape a unique sound, one not easily found elsewhere. Continue reading “Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz”

Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal

Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz FuzzFulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal

The Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz is an exact replica of the vintage Tycobrahe Octavia, and it’s the only copy of the pedal being made today. It has two modes: FUZZ and OCTA, and as expected, FUZZ is the normal fuzz effect. OCTA is the fuzz effect, mixed with an octave up effect. The Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz pedals are handmade in Southern California, with the finest components for the highest quality. Continue reading “Fulltone OF-2 Octafuzz Fuzz Pedal”

Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make

Fulltone 69 mkIIFulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make

The Fulltone 69 mkII is a re-creation of the original 69 Fuzz pedal. It uses matching germanium transistors to get a warmer and smoother fuzz, and there are four knobs to help you dial in your tone. A large “Fuzz” knob adjusts the amount of fuzzy delight, and a large “Volume” adjusts the level of signal coming out of the pedal and into your amp. Continue reading “Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make”

Lace Sensor Red

Lace Sensor RedLace Sensor Red Single Coil Pickup

The Lace Sensor Red is the only single coil pickup on this list, but it still has plenty of surprises. It’s the hottest output electric guitar pickup available in the Sensor Pickups line, offering your amp plenty of juice to turn into overdrive. The Lace Sensor pickups have a unique radiant Field Barrier system which is metal slides that frame the inner core of the the coil and the magnets, thus getting rid of unwanted noise and hum. Continue reading “Lace Sensor Red”

Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Pickup

Seymour Duncan SHR-1Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Pickup

The SHR-1 is called the Hot Rails Strat and is another great humbucker made by Seymour Duncan. The Hot Rails Strat is one of the highest output pickups that they make, and it is also one of their most popular. It contains a strong ceramic magnet for its high gain and bright highs, and the powerfully wound coils give this pickup its massive output and sensitivity. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Pickup”

DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S Pickup

DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion SDiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S Strat Humbucker Pickup

The DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S is based on the famous Super Distortion humbucker pickup, but in a single coil size. It has been a favorite of strat players since 2005. This is meant to be a bridge position pickup and, as such, it has been designed to take into account the classic slanted bridge pickup style. This pickup uses four-conductor wiring for parallel humbucking and split-coil modes for added tonal flexibility not usually present in mini-humbuckers. Continue reading “DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S Pickup”

Seymour Duncan JB Jr Pickup

Seymour Duncan JB Jr PickupSeymour Duncan JB Jr Pickup

The Seymour Duncan JB Jr has the tone of a humbucker in a single-coil-sized pickup. It features a twin coil design, making it an actual humbucker and not just a humbucker emulator. The JB Jr features a ceramic magnet for increased output and bright tone, and it has adjustable poles to help fine-tune the way the pickup reacts to your strings to get that tone you seek. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan JB Jr Pickup”