Split Steel Poled Tele Bridge from Lindy Fralin

split steel poled

The Lindy Fralin Split Steel Poled Tele Bridge pickup is a direct replacement for the stock pickups in your Telecaster, so you won’t have to make any modifications to the guitar itself. This is a split steel poled pickup, i.e., two coils sitting side by side. The two coil design gives this pickup humbucking qualities that cancel out the noise and leaves you with a crystal clear P90 sound.

Warmer and rounder highs and a solid boost in the midrange should put this pickup on any blues player’s radar. The Split Steel Poled Tele Bridge pickup features adjustable pole pieces to fine-tune the way the pickup reacts to each string on the guitar.

There are two versions of the Split Steel Poled pickup: a stock output which has a high output design that drives your amp a little harder, leading to an earlier breakup and crunchier tone, and a -5% output version, which will be clearer and more articulate with more presence in the highs.

The pickup only comes in black, but you can opt for gold screws. The installation is a simple single hot lead (1 hot, 1 ground) but you can opt for a two hot lead (two hot, one ground) for phase matching.

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