Lindy Fralin Blues Special Strat Pickups

Blues Special Strat Pickups

Lindy Fralin Blues Special Strat Pickups provide a thick, warm, and fat sound that’s perfect for the Blues. These pickups are over-wound just a little bit, generating 5% more gain and taking away about 5% of the highs, compared to the standard Lindy Fralin guitar pickup. Also, the bridge pickup is hotter, to compensate for the louder volume of the neck pickup.

Lindy Fralin Blues Special Strat pickups are a great choice for guitars that are on the bright side, or if you are looking to add a little body to your tone, without introducing any muddy or boomy tones. These pickups have an open sound that is not too compressed and a low-end growl that is perfect for rhythm and lead playing, without the notes becoming too thin or brittle-sounding.

Available in white, black, aged white, or green. Blues Special Strat pickups feature Alnico 5 magnets, and can be arranged in the “Stock Stagger” or the “Hybrid Stagger” configuration. An optional base plate for the bridge pickup will cut down on feedback and fatten up the tone.

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