DiMarzio DP187 Cruiser Bridge Pickup

DiMarzio DP187 Cruiser

The DiMarzio DP187 Cruiser is a mini-humbucker designed to fit into the space of a single coil pickup with no modifications to the guitar. This is a particularly unique creation, featuring a side-by-side coil design, but instead of the traditional two identical coils, it utilizes two different coils.

One coil is designated as the Woofer, and the other is designated as the Tweeter. The two-coil system extends the range of the noise-canceling design, and it allows for the enhancement of each coil while fine-tuning the overall output. DiMarzio calls this their dual-resonance design, and it’s exclusive to their line.

The DP187 Cruiser features a ceramic magnet for brightness and power, and there is 40% less magnetic pull on the strings. This weaker magnetic pull leads to a more “open” tone and increased sustain, while still sounding clean, clear, and bright. With less magnetic pull the pickup can be placed closer to the strings for more power.

This is a covered pickup and it’s installed with a four-conductor lead wire. It’s used by guitar greats such as Andy Timmons, Jason Loughlin, Phil Collen, Art Rodriguez, and Kiko Loureiro.


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