Reader Question: Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker Problem Sounds

Gibson 57 Classic humbucker

A reader has asked about problem sounds with his Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker.


I have a Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker, which has a really high output of 9K!! It’s NOT a Classic+, which I know. I installed it in the bridge position, with the selector on treble, and it sounds thin, very quiet, and is humming slightly. What could be wrong?



Hi Sven. It sounds as though you have a wiring problem. Most likely, you have the “hot” and “ground” wires backwards. Triple-check the wiring diagram that came with the pickup. If you can confirm 100% that the pickup is wired correctly, then try touching the hot / ground wires directly to a guitar jack, and tap the pickup. There should be a loud and healthy “thud” that comes out of the amp when you do this. If not, then the pickup is damaged.

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