Shielding Single Coil Pickups – Pure Vintage Tone Without the Noise

shielding single coil pickupsLet’s talk about shielding single coil pickups to reduce some of the noise that can enter your tone when using this type of pickup

Single coils are well-known for being noisy, and that’s because they are very similar in design to an AM radio antenna. Single coil pickups exhibit many of the same tendencies to collect noise from the air. Humbucker pickups use two coils wound in opposite directions to cancel out the noise, but those pickups are known for having a warmer sound that’s quite different from that of a single coil. Die-hard fans of the single coil may find a humbucker undesirable, and the only option left is to try shielding.

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Guitar Shielding Paint – Getting Started

guitar shielding paintHere’s a quick buyer’s guide on conductive paint that should help if you’re trying to eliminate outside interference.

If you have decided that it’s time to shield your guitar, to cut down on electromagnetic interference, you might be surprised at the number of different products that have sprung up to accomplish that task. The old fashioned ways are still there. You can still shield your guitar with aluminum foil or copper tape, but conductive guitar shielding paint is becoming more and more popular.

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Telecaster Shielding – How to Cut the Noise and Keep the Twang

telecaster shieldingAdd some shielding to your Tele and enjoy a quieter guitar.

The Fender Telecaster is a legendary instrument, but it can become frustratingly noisy at times, leaving you frantically searching for a way to quiet it down. Noise gates can help keep the noise under control when you are not playing, but when you hit a note, and the gate opens, the noise comes through. We can help by showing you how to add some shielding to your Tele to protect it from the outside interference that causes the noise to occur. We’ll also explain proper telecaster shielding grounding.

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Shielded Guitar Cavity – Is it Really Necessary?

shielded guitar cavityA shielded guitar cavity will go a long way towards preventing interference from reaching your signal.

If you live in an area with a lot of electromagnetic interference, you are going to love today’s article on the subject of a shielded guitar cavity. What we’re going to do is talk about shielding the control cavity for maximum protection from interference. It’s not hard to find a guitar shielding kit online, but there are also some excellent DIY methods you can use to get the job done.

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Aluminum Foil Guitar Shielding – How To Cut the Noise on a Budget

aluminum foil guitar shieldingDIY techniques that help protect your guitar from noise and interference.

If you get a lot of guitar hum, you are going to love this article covering aluminum foil guitar shielding. Shielding can help protect your guitar from electromagnetic interference, significantly reducing and even eliminating noise.

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