Wolfetone Pickups — The Ultimate Installation Guide

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This time we have a Wolfetone Installation Guide that will show you how to install any model Wolfetone in your guitar. We’ll cover every type of pickup from vintage P90s, to the modern-day high output humbucker. Wolfetone began making high-quality pickups in 1998 on a single Singer sewing machine. Today, it’s a vast company making every type of pickup.

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Seymour Duncan SM3 Coil Splitting

Seymour Duncan SM3 coil splittingSeymour Duncan SM3 coil splitting is a beginner level modification that requires very few tools and only costs a few dollars

This time we are going to talk about Seymour Duncan SM3 coil splitting. Splitting a humbucker is a beginner level modification that requires very few tools and only costs a few dollars. The Seymour Duncan SM3 is a mini-humbucker, but it has all of the same properties that a full-sized humbucker has, and you can split it in the same way. Continue reading “Seymour Duncan SM3 Coil Splitting”

Seymour Duncan SM3 Wiring Diagram (Seymourized Mini Humbucker)

seymour duncan sm3 wiringLearn Seymour Duncan SM3 wiring and how you can install this hot Firebird replacement.

Let’s discuss Seymour Duncan SM3 wiring and how you can install this miniature humbucker in your guitar. The SM3 features two overwound coils with a high carbon steel blade in each. The steel blades help provide a more even output during string bends, and it eliminates misalignment. It uses an Alnico 5 bar magnet for extra strength and warmth.

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Lindy Fralin Modern PAF Coil Splitting

Lindy Fralin Modern PAF coil splittingLindy Fralin Modern PAF coil splitting is a simple modification. You will need to make a few solder connections, but it’s elementary work, and you can unlock a new sound.

Before You Start

In this article, we assume that your guitar is already wired up and working correctly, and that you have at least one Lindy Fralin Modern PAF installed. If you need help installing your pickups, please check out our article titled Lindy Fralin Modern PAF Wiring Diagram.

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Lindy Fralin Modern PAF Wiring Diagram

Lindy Fralin Modern PAF wiringThis Lindy Fralin Modern PAF wiring diagram will help you install these medium output pickups, which are available in several configurations

Lindy Fralin Modern PAF pickups have a thick, warm sound that helps high notes push through the mix, preventing them from sounding thin and brittle. The lower register notes are punchy, but they don’t lose their clarity, even when using overdrive.

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Railhammer Alnico Grande Coil Splitting

Railhammer Alnico Grande coil splittingIn this post we'll look at Railhammer Alnico Grande coil splitting, a simple modification that anyone with these pickups installed in their guitar can complete with only a couple of tools

This discussion assumes that you already have your Railhammer Alnico Grande pickup installed and that it works correctly. If you need help installing these pickups, please reference our article titled Railhammer Alnico Grande Wiring Diagram .

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Dimarzio PAF Master Coil Splitting

DiMarzio PAF Master Coil splittingGet some fresh tones from your guitar with an easy modification that only requires a few tools: DiMarzio PAF Master Coil splitting

This article is going to assume that you already have the DiMarzio PAF Master installed in your guitar. If you do not have the pickup installed, we have the complete step-by-step instructions here at Humbucker Soup: DiMarzio PAF Master Wiring Diagram.

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Dimarzio PAF 59 Wiring Diagram

DiMarzio PAF 59 wiringThis DiMarzio PAF 59 wiring guide will get you pointed in the right direction for classic vintage humbucker tone

Today we are going to go over the DiMarzio PAF 59 wiring diagram. We’ll explain how to install these pickups and we’ll go over the other components you may need. Installing these pickups is not difficult, and it’s a great way to start modifying your guitar. Continue reading “Dimarzio PAF 59 Wiring Diagram”