Power Tube FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about EL84, EL34, and 6L6

power tube faqHave you been scratching your head about 12AX7, 12AT7, and 12AU7 Preamp Tubes? Well, our most frequently asked questions about them are answered here.

Power tube FAQ about just what they are

Many of our power tube FAQ begin with an inquiry into just exactly what they are. A power tube, also known as an output tube is an electrical component, very similar to a transistor, that is built inside of a vacuum-sealed glass tube. Inside the glass tube are a filament, an anode, and a cathode.

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Power Tube Differences: EL84, EL34, & 6L6

The Power Tube: Differences Between EL84, EL34, & 6L6When you start to push an amplifier, the characteristics of these tubes become more apparent.

Power tubes can have a dramatic effect on your amplifier’s sound. At low volumes, the difference between one tube and another can be difficult to decipher; it’s almost not worth talking about. Once you start to push a little air, however, your amplifier will show off what it can do and the power tube will display its individual characteristics more. Keep in mind, that by using pedals, you can make one amp sound pretty much like any other one, so this discussion is focused on how a few of the most popular power tubes differ from each other when using the amp, and not the pedals, to get your sound. Continue reading “Power Tube Differences: EL84, EL34, & 6L6”