Capacitors vs Potentiometers – What’s the Difference?

capacitors vs potentiometersWhen thinking of Capacitors vs Potentiometers, the main difference is that capacitors filter a signal, while potentiometers are variable resistors.

Capacitors vs Potentiometers – What do the capacitors do in your circuit?

Capacitors vs Potentiometers: capacitors do many different things, but in your circuit, they are going to do two main things. First, they are going to filter any direct current from your audio signal, which is alternating current.

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DiMarzio Titan Coil Splitting

DiMarzio Titan coil splittingThis time we’re going to talk about how to wire your guitar for DiMarzio Titan coil splitting.

DiMarzio Titan Coil Splitting

Coil splitting is when you use a switch to shut off one of the two coils in a humbucker pickup. We split a humbucker because it gives us the ability to expand our tonal pallet, and allows us to achieve single coil tones from our two coil pickup. Here, we’re going to show you DiMarzio Titan coil splitting.

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Dimarzio Titan Wiring Diagram

DiMarzio Titan WiringIn this post, we'll be talking specifically about installing the DiMarzio Titan humbucker pickup into your guitar.

DiMarzio Titan Wiring

The DiMarzio Titan is Jake Bowen’s signature guitar pickup, a humbucker designed to stand out in a three-guitar environment. This humbucker has a lot of emphasis on the midrange frequencies and stays clear under high gain situations. The Titan is a high output pickup that uses a ceramic magnet, and it’s installed using four colored conductor wires and a bare wire.

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250k vs 500k Pots – What is the Difference?

250k vs 500k potsThe 250k vs 500k pots dilemma is one that often poses a challenge for guitar players.

250k vs 500k pots: what are the differences between these two popular types of potentiometers (pots), and how would you want to use each in your guitar?

One of the most common problems that guitar players face is a worn out Volume or Tone control. You can tell when one is becoming worn out by the loud, scratching sound that’s introduced into your guitar signal when you turn the potentiometer up or down. Continue reading “250k vs 500k Pots – What is the Difference?”

DiMarzio IGNO Coil Splitting

DiMarzio IGNO coil splittingIn this post, we'll talk about a DiMarzio IGNO coil splitting modification.

What is Coil Splitting ?

Before we actually get into our DiMarzio IGNO coil splitting, a word or two on just what this modification is. Coil splitting is when you wire a humbucker pickup to a switch that shuts off one of its two coils. We do this because it gives us the ability to expand our sonic range and get single coil tones from our two-coil pickup.
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Humbucker Pickup Splitting — Which Switch to Use

humbucker pickup splittingWhen it comes to humbucker pickup splitting, here’s what you need to know about what kind of switch to use.

Guitarists are always looking for ways to coax new and exciting tones from their guitars. One great approach is humbucker pickup splitting, which means using a switch to turn off one of the two coils in the pickup, causing it to sound and act more like a single coil pickup. Continue reading “Humbucker Pickup Splitting — Which Switch to Use”

Understanding Push-Pull Potentiometers (SPST)

understanding push-pull potentiometersUnderstanding Push-Pull Potentiometers is a great way for you to know how to add extra functionality to your guitar.

Guitarists are always looking for ways to get fresh tones. Amplifiers and effect pedals do a great job of shaping your sound once it leaves your guitar, but there are also many simple modifications that you can make right in the body of your guitar, unlocking a world of new tones. Continue reading “Understanding Push-Pull Potentiometers (SPST)”

Making Single Coil Guitar Pickups – Building Your Own Electric Guitar Pickups – Part 4

making single coil guitar pickupsMaking single coil pickups can be very rewarding, easily done, and parts can be easily acquired.

Making Single Guitar Pickups

In this article, we’re going to talk about making single guitar pickups, and how building them from scratch can be such a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The design is simple and the steps easy to follow. Another benefit of the design is that winding the coil by hand offers the opportunity of having your pickup sound just as good as, if not better than, the same coil wound by a machine. Continue reading “Making Single Coil Guitar Pickups – Building Your Own Electric Guitar Pickups – Part 4”

Mini Toggle Switch FAQ – Coil-Split a Humbucker Pickup

mini toggle switch faqIf you have ever thought about using a mini toggle switch to split a humbucker guitar pickup, you may have a few questions about how to go about it.

Coil-splitting humbuckers

Many of our mini toggle switch FAQ begin with an inquiry into whether or not you can coil-split just any humbucker. Theoretically, any humbucker can be split, but in practice, it’s dependent upon the way the manufacturer has built the pickup. To split a humbucking pickup, you need one with four lead output wires, because they are actually the beginning and end — or positive and negative — of each coil. Humbuckers are designed to connect the end of one
coil to the beginning of the second.

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Push-Pull Pot FAQ – Coil-Splitting a Humbucker Pickup

push-pull pot faqIf you've ever thought of using a push-pull pot to split a humbucker pickup, you may have questions; here are our most popular push-pull pot FAQs.

Push-pull pot FAQ: What is a coil-split pickup?

Push-pull pot FAQ often include inquiries into coil-splitting a humbucker pickup. A coil-split pickup is a humbucker that is split in such a way that it only uses one of its two coils. This is useful to guitarists who use humbuckers but occasionally want a single-coil sound.

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