Alnico vs Ceramic Magnets – How Do They Affect Guitar Pickup Tone?

alnico vs ceramic magnetsTaking a close look at the differences between alnico and ceramic magnets and their effect on tone.

When choosing a new pickup for your guitar, consider the magnet, one of the essential, yet complicating elements involved in the sound creation process. We’ll try here to demystify the process by looking at the whole issue of alnico vs ceramic magnets and how they affect your guitar’s tone. You’ll see in this discussion, that these types of magnets produce different kinds of sounds, so many, that your decision-making may prove challenging.

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Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping – What is the Difference?

soft clipping vs hard clippingSoft clipping and hard clipping in pedal effects and how they affect your sound.

Many times in guitar shops, especially when talking about distortion or overdrive effects, we hear the terms hard clipping and soft clipping used to describe the different sound effects pedals create. It can be confusing if you don’t understand these terms or how they affect your sound. Continue reading “Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping – What is the Difference?”

Tone Control Capacitor – Choosing the Right Value for Your Guitar

tone control capacitorDemystifying one of the most misunderstood components of the electric guitar and helping you to choose the one that's right for your instrument.

The Tone Control Capacitor

The tone control capacitor resides in the control compartment of your guitar, where all of the electronics are stored. This component is usually attached to your tone control, and it’s the only difference between the tone control and the volume control. Continue reading “Tone Control Capacitor – Choosing the Right Value for Your Guitar”

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Wiring Diagram

seymour duncan pearly gates wiringAn excellent way to upgrade your guitar’s tone is to change your pickups, so here’s a great “how to,” with the Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucker.

In this post, we’re going to show you Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates wiring for your guitar, with the hope that you’ll enjoy the new sound possibilities.

The Pearly Gates is a humbucker that was designed to replicate the sound of a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, which used the legendary P.A.F. pickups. Each Pearly Gates pickup is handmade and wax potted to help reduce feedback. Each also features an Alnico 2 bar magnet and a nickel silver bottom plate, and is installed using four colored conductor wires and a bare wire.

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EL34 vs 6CA7 – What is the Difference?

EL34 vs 6CA7EL34 vs 6CA7: Spoiler alert: there’s not much difference and they are, indeed, completely interchangeable.

EL34 vs 6CA7: two power tubes that can cause a lot of confusion when purchasing replacements, because they’re very similar and are, in fact, replacements for one another. They do, however have different internal designs, and they’ve changed slightly over the years.

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Understanding Push-Pull Potentiometers (SPST & DPDT)

understanding push-pull potentiometersUnderstanding Push-Pull Potentiometers is a great way for you to know how to add extra functionality to your guitar.

Guitarists are always looking for ways to get fresh tones. Amplifiers and effect pedals do a great job of shaping your sound once it leaves your guitar, but there are also many simple modifications that you can make right in the body of your guitar, unlocking a world of new tones. Continue reading “Understanding Push-Pull Potentiometers (SPST & DPDT)”

Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah Pedal

electro-harmonix wailerThe Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah features a circuit that is very similar to the Crying Tone Wah but with a traditional rack and pinion style design.

The traditional style of the Electro-Harmonix Wailer, with movable pedal and a steady base, is much better suited to a pedalboard than the Crying Tone. The pedal is constructed in a light and cost-effective, but still very sturdy, high-impact plastic housing that’s designed to take years of abuse. Continue reading “Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah Pedal”

Pickup Parts Needed – Building Your Own Electric Guitar Pickups – Part 3

pickup partsLearn about all of the tools and parts you'll need to build your own electric guitar pickup.

Hello again, and welcome to our ongoing series of articles discussing how guitar pickups work and how you can build your own. In the last article, we discussed how the magnets and coil work, and how they work together to create the sound that you hear. This time around, we are going to look at the tools, pickup parts, and other things that you will need to build your project from scratch.
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