Jim Dunlop ZW38 Mxr Black Label Chorus Pedal

Jim Dunlop ZW38 Mxr Black Label Chorus Pedal
The Dunlop ZW38 Chorus

While inspired by a metal player, this Pedal provides an all-around affordable Chorus effect

I don’t particuarly listen to zakk wylde or know much about him (other than the obvious), but this pedal which bears his moniker / band name, is pretty good.
What I like right away is the high and low filter cut controls. It still amazes me that this is not standard on Chorus guitar pedals (why?). The dual outputs for stero spread is a no-brainer and good. It is built with analog bucket brigade technology, which was a technique developed in the late ’60’s that is quite popular amongst tone-snobs. The Level / Rate / Depth controls require no explanation and provide plenty of control for your effects-shaping needs. Like all MXR / Dunlop guitar effects pedals, this one is built like a brick “you know what” house. If you are looking for a sturdy, tweakable guitar chorus pedal that is under $100, check this one out.

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