Seymour Duncan – Phat Cat Pickups

Seymour Duncan - Phat Cat PickupsIf you like P-90 pickups, then you’re gonna love these Phat Cats… I promise!

I’ve been trying out a set of the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups recently, and I have to say: they really got it right on these. When I started this blog, for some reason I decided to add the links at the bottom first. When I was researching the Harmony-Central reviews, I started to read the first review. The more I read the review, the more I kept thinking to myself: “wow, this guy sounds like he has had the exact same experiences as me… and he seems to have the same sense of humor as me… wow, I really agree with the way this guy approaches his review on these Phat Cat pickups and the kind of feedback he is giving… this is bizzare!”
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Goncalo Alves: A Nice Alternative to a Rosewood Neck

Warmoth Goncalo Alves Stratocaster NeckRosewood is great, but there are other dark woods out there worth considering. One of the really good ones is Goncalo Alves.

Also known as “Zebrawood” or “Tigerwood,” the species
that yield this wood go by such barely pronounceable Latin monikers as Astronium fraxinifolium and Astronium graveolens.

But who cares about lineage, right? What we wanna know is how does it feel and sound? Answer: Great and Great.
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Guitar Pickups That Changed My Life

misc-single-coils pickupsPickups that transformed both my playing and my tone

This is a celebration of my favorite pickups. The title may seem a bit much, but it is true; these pickups absolutely changed my playing style as well as my tone. I am a bit of a pickup nut. At one point I owned over 100 different pickups, but had only about a dozen or so in a guitar. This is a pretty clear indication of obsessive compulsive disorder. But, at the same time, there are many worse ways of spending one’s time and money.
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What kind of Stratocaster should I buy?

Fender StratocasterIf you are thinking of purchasing your first Fender Statocaster, here are a few helpful tips

We have good news and bad news:

The good news is: There are so many models to choose from.

The bad news is: There are so many models to choose from   :  –  )

Seriously, if you purchased a brand new strat from Fender, you really have so many different models to choose from. You may or may not have just about enough to purchase a brand new Fender Strat (depending on prices in your local store). So, with so many choices, what is the right Strat for you? Ironically, only you can answer that question.

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Fulltone 69, the Fuzz that roared

Fulltone 69 fuzzIf you are in the market for a truly amazing, world-class Fuzz pedal, look no further, the Fulltone ’69 is your baby

Of all the Fuzz pedals I have tried, the Fulltone ’69 is really the king. An incredibly transparent pedal with a top-shelf fuzz that can be easily rolled-back for great tonal variations.

Contour is key

The knob labeled “Contour” is where the real fun starts. It is kind of a combination mid-range / thickness control. Needless to say, when turned down, the fuzz is a bit thinner as is the overall tone. This is helpful if you want Fuzz without all the “Woof” When you increase the Contour level, the Fuzz get’s thicker and has more body. This also adds to the random harmonics and general squeaks that are likely to come out of your guitar. If you experiment by using less drive and more Contour (or vice verse) there are some seriously fun sounds to be found.
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Reader Question: Strat Bridges and Claw Mounting Screws

Don’t concern yourself too much with claw mounting screws. Set them so that the your string tension feels right, and then pretty much leave them alone

“Mark” Writes:

Hello, to who this concerns:

Can you please tell me the what’s and hows of the screws are on the tail of the bridge. ( hopefully to make it clearer. the screws, if you were putting them in, the thread of the screw is acing the neck and head of the guitar and the head of the screw is facing the rear of the body ).
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Reader Question: Why is my Classic 57 humbucker thin and humming?

Gibson Classic 57 humbuckerMost likely, you have the “hot” and “ground” wires backwards.

“Sven” Writes:

I have an Gibson classic 57 humbucker witch has an really high output = 9K!! and its NOT an classic+ what I know, but installed it by iself in bridge position whith selector on treble it sounds thin, wery quiet and is humming slightly. What could be wrong?
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Building Your First Guitar From Scratch

Building Your First Guitar From ScratchBefore you start your first guitar building project, take a few moments to think through some important details

If you’ve never built a guitar from scratch, then you are in for a real adventure. Some prefer to buy something slick and shiny off the rack that has been assembled by the best “master builder” in the universe. This is fine. But personally, I feel that there are few things more enjoyable than the feeling of tuning up a guitar for the first time that you have just built yourself. The pickups are exactly the ones you wanted, the wiring / switching is as per your wishes, you have chosen a neck that feels perfect in your hands, it’s a great feeling. The sound is 100% you.
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The MXR Phase 100 M-107 Guitar Pedal

The MXR Phase 100 M-107 Guitar PedalThere is a good reason why the MXR Phase 100 is still around!

Maybe you have an MXR Phase 90, maybe you are thinking of buying one, or maybe you are considering an upgrade. Either way the MXR Phase 100 M-107 is a great alternative to the Phase 90 if you want a bit more control to the overall shape of the wet signal. As the older cousin of the MXR Phase 90, the Phase 100 offers the same great tone but a few more features. The biggest difference is the notch control that lets you select the wave pattern. In conjunction with the speed control, you can dial in the exact phase sound that you want. 

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