Filter – Understanding How Guitar Effects Work

filterFilter effects are a subcategory of Dynamics and they deal with controlling the volume of certain frequencies

Equalizers are one of the most common effects in this category and you can find an Equalizer almost everywhere that you find a Volume Control. It is built into your amp, your mixing board, almost everywhere you look. EQs work by using different values of Capacitors to target a certain range of frequencies, and a slider or Volume knob to “Turn Down” (filter to ground) those frequencies. Most EQs are passive, meaning they can only turn down the volume of the frequencies that they target.

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Dunlop 535Q-B Cry Baby 535Q Multi-wah Pedal

dunlop 535q-be Dunlop 535Q-B Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah Pedal is the next generation of the original Cry Baby Wah pedal that has been very popular for decades

The 535Q has been designed to allow you to customize your sound and get the wah tones that you’re looking for. This wah pedal features a six-position switch that allows you to select from different frequency ranges of operation.

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Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal

voodoo lab wahzooOne of the most versatile wah pedals on the market today, the Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal is actually three pedals in one: Standard, Auto, and Step

There’s a Vintage mode that is Voodoo Lab’s recreation of the Vox Clyde McCoy Wah, and it has a wide sweep, as the pedal is designed to feel good under your foot. The next mode is Autowah, which is an envelope filter/volume controlled effect for those times in which picking harder or softer controls when the wah kicks in. Continue reading “Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal”