Tyler’s Top 3 Locking Tuners for Electric Guitar

locking tuners

As guitarists, we often spend time obsessing over guitar modifications to enhance our sound.

Sure, you can spend a ton of money on cutting-edge guitar pedals, screaming pickups, and bridges that provide sustain for days, though when upgrading your guitar, why not start with one of the simplest and most inexpensive upgrades out there?

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Telecaster Guitar Parts: Finding the Best Around

Where Can I Find The Best Telecaster Guitar Parts?

If you are embarking on a project that involves upgrading or building a Tele, these links might help you to find some of the Telecaster guitar parts you need. All of these companies offer some pretty good stuff at fairly reasonable prices. Warmoth, for example, is probably best and offers the most options for bodies and necks, but of course, they are the most expensive.  In each case, though, be sure to explore all the options for Telecaster guitar parts that the company offers, and don’t be afraid to call them if you have any questions before you place your order.
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