Buzzing and crackling problem with Marshall MG10 solved

budget guitar fuzzYour best best is to try you amp and guitar in someone else’ house. If you still have the problem, try a different guitar, then a different amp. This should tell you where the problem is

Phillip from Wales asks:

“Hi, can you help please I got this Marshall MG10 , its been buzzing and crackling when I play the strat I sent back to them and they listened to the sound recording I had of the buzzing and the said I had a loose earth connection or the cable was using to connect the guitar was no good.

Do you have a diagram of how to check the earth connection be most grateful to you .”

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How to Adjust Your Strat Bridge Angle

How to adjust your Strat bridge angleIf your Strat bridge is leaning too much towards or away from the neck, these simple steps will get you back to the right angle.

A reader recently asked how he could adjust the angle of the tremolo bridge on his Stratocaster. In his case, the bridge was leaning towards the neck. Adjusting this is a very simple process. The main thing to keep in mind is to not tighten the trem claw screws too much (covered in step # 3). Your goal is to have the perfect balance between the tension of the strings and the tension of the tremolo springs.
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How to Troubleshoot Guitar Wiring Problems

How to troubleshoot guitar wiring problemsWhen trying to find that mysterious buzz, logic is your most effective tool.

Sometimes you might find yourself with a ground / buzz problem. This can be a truly frustrating experience and really kill the fun of building your own guitar. But, it really doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. You just need to trace your steps; that’s really it. This is all just logic. The problem is there somewhere; you just have to find it.

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