Floyd Rose vs Imitations – What’s the Difference?

Floyd Rose vs imitationsTaking a close look at The Floyd Rose Double Locking Tremolo System and the differences among its imitations.

Floyd Rose vs Imitations

Many electric guitars these days have a Floyd Rose or imitation Floyd Rose tremolo system installed. At a glance, they all resemble one another. At closer inspection, however, we begin to see some significant differences between them. So, whether you’re looking to purchase a guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose System, or you’re in need of a Floyd Rose replacement, we’ll try to provide some assistance by taking a close look at Floyd Rose vs imitations.

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Modulation – Understanding How Guitar Effects Work

modulationModulation effects are those that change over time. Parameters of the effect are tied to a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO).

If you don’t know what a Low Frequency Oscillator is, think of a clock and a light bulb. When the hand is on the 12 the light is all the way Off, as the hand moves past 1 the light begins to turn on; when the hand is on the 6 the light is all the way On and starts to turn off again as it moves past 7 back to Off at 12. This cycle repeats indefinitely, and you usually control how fast the clock spins. This is basically what is happening internally with each of these effects.

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