Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal

voodoo lab wahzooOne of the most versatile wah pedals on the market today, the Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal is actually three pedals in one: Standard, Auto, and Step

There’s a Vintage mode that is Voodoo Lab’s recreation of the Vox Clyde McCoy Wah, and it has a wide sweep, as the pedal is designed to feel good under your foot. The next mode is Autowah, which is an envelope filter/volume controlled effect for those times in which picking harder or softer controls when the wah kicks in. Continue reading “Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal”

Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd – How to Play This Song on Your Guitar

comfortably numb
If you want to learn how to play Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd, this is a great place to get started.

This time, we are going to talk about the song Comfortably Numb by the band Pink Floyd, for their 1979 record entitled The Wall. This song features two very well known guitar solos and it is legendary for having caused huge arguments between band members David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

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What are the Best Guitar Analog Delay Pedals?

best guitar analog delayWe’re taking a closer look at some well-crafted bucket brigade-style analog delay pedals to see which one is the best for you

Analog delay, using the bucket brigade chip, is a staple effect in many players’ pedalboards. Analog delay works by splitting the signal at the input into two parts and sending one part of the signal right to the output; this is the “dry” signal. The other part — the “wet signal” — gets sent through a circuit designed for that signal to take some time passing through it. Once the signal passes through the circuit it is mixed back in with the “dry” signal and you have a delay, or echo.

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Whole Lotta Love, by Led Zeppelin – Learn How to Play This Song on Guitar

whole lotta loveEven though the steady picking pattern will most likely prove to be challenging, this a great song for beginners as well as experienced players to learn.

Whole Lotta Love, by Led Zeppelin, was released in 1969, as part of their second record, Led Zeppelin II. This song includes a middle section that features extensive studio experimentation by Jimmy Page and engineer Eddie Kramer. If you listen closely, you can hear a Theremin instrument being played, as well as loosened guitar strings being pulled tight. Continue reading “Whole Lotta Love, by Led Zeppelin – Learn How to Play This Song on Guitar”

Best Guitar Chorus Pedals

best guitar chorusThese classic staples of the industry, as well as some new arrivals to the scene, are some of the best guitar chorus pedals around.

What is the best guitar chorus pedal? Much like overdrive and spring reverb, chorus is a classic guitar effect that every guitarist is familiar with. Chorus is essential for thickening up clean sounds and giving sustaining notes a swirly watery type of movement. This effect also works very well with overdrive, giving it a doubled, more polished sound. While chorus can be very subtle (just thickening the sound a bit or adding some shimmer) it is also capable of some exaggerated effects reminiscent of science fiction movies.

You can probably hear the chorus effect on three out of every four 80s songs. In fact, a perfect example is the beginning of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”. Since we’re discussing the best chorus pedals available, this list will focus on staples in the industry, as well as some new arrivals to the scene. We want solid tone without too many side effects (for example that background “air swirling sound”). We also want dependability, solid construction, and perhaps some new features.

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Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus

keeley seafoamThe Seafoam Plus features an internal switch for Vintage mode, as well as an internal switch that turns the pedal into a bass chorus, flanger, or tremolo.

One of the most modern pedals on this list, the Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus, has a lot of features packed into its compact size. This pedal uses the same automatic doubler as that used in the Keeley 30ms Double Tracker. The Seafoam Plus has three modes of operation. ADT chorus mode creates a second and third voice each with its own slight delay and pitch to emulate a real chorus. Continue reading “Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus”

What are the Best Guitar Distortion Pedals?

best guitar distortionDistortion is such a personal choice. If you are in search of the best guitar distortion pedals, this list offers some solid options.

Distortion is a type of overdrive, or more accurately, overdrive is a type of distortion. Usually, when we talk about distortion, we’re talking about overdrive with a very high gain that’s very fuzzy and compressed. It’s a different, more controlled sound than FUZZ though, and it’s created in a different way as well. Continue reading “What are the Best Guitar Distortion Pedals?”

Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head

laney l50HLaney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head

The Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head is the world’s first 50 watt RMS Single Ended true Class A all valve amplifier. It is also the first amp to use five EL34 tubes in the output section, to create a warm and progressive distortion that responds to a player’s touch and playing style. Besides the EL34 tubes in the power section the amp also uses three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section. Continue reading “Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head”

Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808DX

ts808dxIbanez Tube Screamer TS808DX

The latest iteration of the line of Ibanez Tube Screamer pedals is the TS808DX. This modern version has some cool features not seen before. The TS808DX is actually two pedals in one, the Tube Screamer and a clean signal boost. It features the same three control knobs you probably know from earlier versions: Overdrive adjusts the amount of overdrive added to the signal; Tone adjusts the level of high end frequencies present in the signal; and Level adjusts the volume of the pedal to match it with the signal when the effect is disengaged. Continue reading “Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808DX”