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Rock Solid Guitar StandsRock Solid Guitar Stands come in three models, each of which holds guitars, basses, banjos or similar types of instruments.

We just received an update from the awesome folks at Rock Solid Guitar Stands, an emerging nationwide brand that, tired of a chaotic studio and cluttered living space, has developed some pretty attractive guitar stands. Designed to not only safely organize and protect your guitars, they also showcase your collection and complement your home as a piece of furniture. Rock Solid is the first genuine wood multi-guitar stand in its price range, making it accessible to their audience, which ranges from young adults to veteran collectors.

Along with the aesthetically pleasing design of the stands, each model is adorned with soft neoprene foam on the bottom rails and neck slots to allow optimal protection. All models have adjustable floor risers, wood veneer covers and a light birch plywood center. Their stands are even safe on nitrocellulose finishes! Rock Solid is a classic piece of furniture for your home, with three quintessential finishes: dark cherry, honey and ivory.
The three models available today are the Classic 4, Show 5 and Classic 6—each of which holds electric or acoustic guitars, basses, banjos or similar instruments.

  • The Classic 4 is for the collector with limited space, holding four guitars and measuring only 33” wide x 28” high x 18” deep.
  • The Show 5 is our most unique design, fitting five guitars and giving you space to show off your favorites, while providing accessibility at all times.
  • The Classic 6 holds six guitars, measuring at 44” wide x 28” high x 18” deep. This space-saving design gives you a distinctive place to organize and admire your collections.

Rock Solid Guitar Stands has captured the attention of the industry, through exceptional reviews from Premier Guitar,, Home Recording Weekly, The Fret Wire, Guitar Noize and a five star rating from blogger Sean Maine. In just two years, Rock Solid Guitar Stands has amassed a loyal following of over 3,000 users on Facebook and Twitter combined.

Rock Solid is the ultimate multi-guitar stand doing double-time as a space-saver and quality piece of furniture.

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