Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal

Zvex Vexter Fuzz FactoryOn the small side, and using less power than most other pedals, the unique Fuzz Factory still offers a vintage sound, extensive range, and great control.

The Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory is a rather colorful little pedal that is smaller than it looks. The Fuzz Factory uses two NOS ’60s germanium transistors for a smooth warm fuzz. Even though the more modern fuzz circuit isn’t modeled after any specific vintage fuzz, it still has a very vintage sound.

The pedal has five knobs, allowing unprecedented control over fuzz and the ability to create totally new tones. Volume controls the output level of the pedal. Gate controls a squelch to eliminate noise between notes, and Comp affects the attack. Drive increases fuzz and thickness, and Stab adjusts feedback pitch and adds an oscillation to the signal.

The creator of this pedal states that the names of the controls are only approximations of what they do and that you actually need to turn the knobs yourself to get their full range. These pedals are designed to use much less power than most others, leading to increased battery life. Each one is painted and assembled by hand, making it unique. Players who use this pedal include Jack White, Trent Resnor, J Mascis, Steven Malkmus, Annie Clark, and Dom Simper — just to give you an idea of its popularity.

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