XVive V4 Fuzz Screamer

XVive V4 Fuzz ScreamerThe easy to use XVive V4 Fuzz Screamer features Volume and Bite controls, as well as a wall of Fuzz and Sustain.

The XVive V4 Fuzz Screamer, like many other pedals on this list, is nano-sized and designed with offset 1/4 inch jacks to give you the same great tone as the larger pedals, but in a smaller size that fits more easily onto your pedalboard. This pedal features a rugged, all-metal construction, for years of use.

The easy to use design of the Fuzz Screamer features three controls. Volume controls this tiny pedal’s abundant sound signal that’s going into your amp. Bite is the unique XVIVE BITE tone control, which is a bass and treble blend in the same knob, for a very wide tonal range. Sustain is what brings in the fuzz, from soft and hardly noticeable to an almost Big Muff style. A wall of fuzz and sustain are achievable using this control.

There is one on/off foot button with a blue LED indicator to let you know when the pedal is active. The XVive V4 Fuzz Screamer runs on an external 9-volt power supply, as this pedal is too small to allow space for a 9-volt battery.

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