Vox V847A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal

vox v847aThe V847A is designed to have the original Vox tone while adding a few modern updates to bring the pedal into the modern era

Many wah pedals suffer from a loss of tone when the guitar is plugged into the pedal, and often, this tone loss can be considerable, but the Vox V847A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal is a modern version of the original Vox Wah and it has been designed to address that issue. This 847-A Classic Reissue, however, features an input buffer that helps match the impedance and preserve the unprocessed guitar tone when the effect is off. The V847A Classic Reissue features a new style of inductor, redesigned to be closer in specification to the original VOX Wah inductors. It uses modern technology and machinery to achieve better consistency and quality between inductors and all electric components, improving dynamics and tone.

The Vox V847A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal can be powered with a 9-volt battery or with an optional ac adapter. The entire unit is housed in a very sturdy casing with chrome accents. The Vox Wah is one of the most iconic pedals of all time and the Vox V847A Classic Reissue Wah Pedal is designed to get you as close as possible to owning a piece of history.

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