Flashback Triple Delay Guitar Effects Pedal from TC Electronic

flashback triple delayThis versatile, three-engine Flashback Triple Delay Pedal is TonePrint-enabled and includes Time, Repeat, Mix, Subdivision, Delay, and Analog controls, in addition to their many variations.

The TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay is a three-engine delay pedal capable of creating a wide variety of tones. The three separate delays can be run simultaneously, in series or in parallel. The Flashback Triple delay is TonePrint-enabled, allowing you to download signature tones from the internet to your pedal, including tones that you create using an editing app. The pedal features 12 built-in delay types and four spaces for TonePrint delays. The built-in delays include Tape, Tube, Space, Analog, Analog Mod, Reverse, Dynamic, 2290, 2290 Mod, Slap, LoFi, and Ping Pong. There’s a Time control knob to adjust the delay, a Repeat knob to adjust the feedback level, and a Mix knob to adjust the wet/dry mix.

There is also a Subdivision knob to set echo, based on musical subdivisions of a tempo. There’s a three-position Delay selection switch for setting the delay parameters and a Series/Parallel toggle switch to choose the way the delays will run. There are four-foot switches, one for each of the delays, and one for tapping a tempo. The pedal features true bypass or an optional buffered bypass, as well as Analog-Dry-Through to maintain total integrity of the analog dry signal path, even when delay effects are engaged. In addition, a Kill-Dry feature removes the dry signal path for use with parallel effects loops. The Flashback Triple Delay also features stereo in and stereo out, MIDI in and MIDI out, and the ability to connect an external expression pedal.

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