TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Pedal

tc electronic corona mini chorusOne of the more contemporary pedals, the TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus offers TonePrint, a new technology with downloadable signature tones, on a free phone app.

The TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is one of the more modern pedals on this list, with TonePrint, a truly interesting feature in the world of effects. This new technology allows you to download signature tones using a free app on your phone and a USB connector (or your guitar pickup).

The downloadable tones are created by popular guitarists, so this can really extend your tonal possibilities. But, of course, you can create your own sound as well. In fact, you don’t have to download anything at all; the Corona Mini is designed to work like any other chorus pedal and sounds great right out of the box. It has three knobs to dial in your tone: Speed, Depth, and FX Level.

The pedal features a dry through technology, meaning the dry signal passes through unchanged by the pedal even when it’s engaged. It also features true bypass switching, and there’s a USB jack on the side for connecting the pedal to your phone. The TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Pedal runs on a 9-volt external power supply. This is a ruggedly built compact product, and at about two inches wide, is designed to fit any pedalboard.

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