Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay

strymon digThe Strymon DIG Dual Digital is two Delay Pedals in one. They can be run together as a Master and Companion — or independently — and each has its own Time and Mix knobs.

The Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay has a three-way switch to toggle between Off, Light, and Deep modulations, giving this pedal Chorus properties. There is also a three-way Type switch that allows you to choose from different kinds of delays. The 24/96 mode is a high-resolution modern delay, the ADM mode is an emulation designed to sound like early ’80s delay units, and the 12-BIT is an emulation of the 12-bit pulse code modulation mode of mid-’80s units.

Both delays share the Repeat knob, which acts like the feedback control on most other units. Each delay has its own Time and Mix knobs, and the companion delay time can be set in either free-running mode or in an adjustable ratio to the master delay.

Free-running delay time allows you to easily dial in delays from 20ms to 1.6s. The delays can be set up in series, parallel, or ping-pong mode. The adjustable ratio includes triplet, eighth note, dotted eighth note, dotted quarter note, and the golden ratio.

This pedal features stereo output, true bypass, and a jack for an external expression pedal. The Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay is powered by an included power adapter.

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