Outlaw Effects Five O’Clock Fuzz

Outlaw Effects Five O'Clock FuzzThe micro-style Outlaw Effects Five O'Clock Fuzz pedal is meant to sound like a big muff with a thick, warm, heavy fuzz.

The Outlaw Effects Five O’Clock Fuzz pedal does big things in a micro-style box. This pedal is designed to sound similar to a big muff with a thick, warm, and heavy fuzz. It features a true bypass on/off footswitch to maintain a clean tone, and it uses an LED indicator light to easily see if the effect is active. The Five O’Clock Fuzz uses three controls. Level controls the volume and the amount of fuzz applied to the signal. Tone controls the overall brightness of the pedal with a wide band EQ, providing a wide tonal palate. Sustain compresses the signal softly and adds sustain in steadily increasing amounts.

The Five O’Clock Fuzz uses offset 1/4 inch jacks to minimize the pedal’s board space. It’s housed in an ultra-durable aluminum alloy casing for years of use. This pedal does require a 9-volt power adapter that’s sold separately. You can also get a pedal case and Velcro-style hook and loop tape from Outlaw Effects as additional accessories, to help keep your pedal in place.

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