Outlaw Effects Deputy Marshal

outlaw effects deputy marshalA micro overdrive pedal with a huge sound that’s similar to Plexi-era British tube amps.

The Outlaw Effects Deputy Marshal has three control knobs for fine-tuning your sound. Level allows you to adjust the overall volume, which is in great abundance in this pedal, unity being achieved around the 9 o’clock position. With Tone you adjust the ratio of highs and lows of the signal. With Gain you adjust the amount that’s added to the signal; it’s capable of going from just a hint of overdrive to heavy feedback, inviting distortion pretty quickly. There is also a center-mounted toggle switch to boost the high end for more tone versatility.

The Outlaw Effects Deputy Marshal features true bypass switching for an uncompromised signal when the pedal is disengaged. The on/off switch also makes use of a bright LED indicator light. The Deputy Marshal features offset input/output jacks for minimizing space, and since there’s no battery compartment, the unit needs to be powered via an external 9-volt adapter that can be purchased separately along with a pretty cool pedal case for storage or travel.

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