MXR M300 Digital Reverb Pedal

MXR M300 Digital Reverb PedalThe MXR M300 Digital Reverb, with six different styles, each with three controls, allows you to connect an expression pedal, to toggle between two knob setting configurations.

The MXR M300 Digital Reverb is another great one in a long line of MXR pedals. The M300 Digital Reverb contains six different styles, and each is fine-tuned using three control knobs. Decay adjusts the length of the reverberation, Blend adjusts how much reverb is added to the dry signal, and Tone, which adjusts the brightness of the reverb, also doubles as a push-button to cycle through the six reverb types: Plate, Spring, Epic, Mod, Room, and Pad.

The Plate reverb, as you might expect, is a plate reverb emulator while Spring emulates a spring reverb. Mod adds pitch and phase modulation to the plate reverb sound. Epic combines the reflections of multiple modulated reverbs. Room is a room emulator. Pad is a unique combination of sub-octave + octave-up with echoes + shimmer + synth/organ modulation + reverb.

The MXR M300 Digital Reverb Pedal allows you to connect an expression pedal to toggle and blend between two different knob setting configurations, and it also contains a 100% wet mode. The MXR M300 features stereo input, stereo output, true bypass, and trails bypass. It’s housed in a standard-sized MXR box, and has a hi-fi analog dry path with 20 volts of headroom that makes use of something called Constant Headroom Technology.

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