MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

MXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects PedalMXR M234 Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

The M234 Analog Chorus is another very popular stomp-box created by MXR, a company that’s been making effects pedals since 1972. It’s a 100% pure analogue, and it uses a Bucket Brigade chip to delay the signal and create the warm, classic, chorus effect. This straightforward product gives you five control knobs to generate your own personal sound. Level sets the volume of the pedal and acts as the wet/dry mix. Rate sets the speed of the effect, and Depth sets the amount of modulation applied to the signal. The Level and Rate controls each have a very wide range of control over their parameters, allowing this pedal to create a large variety of chorus tones, from subtle to space age; everything from Nirvana, Rush, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. can be dialed in. There is also a two-band EQ, featuring independent High and Low cut filters. The On/Off footswitch features a super bright blue LED indicator. The Analog Chorus features mono in and mono or stereo out for really thickening up your guitar sound. The pedal runs on a 9-volt battery or an external power supply, and is housed in a compact and ruggedly built case.

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