Morley Mini Wah Volume Pedal

morley mini wahHoused in a very compact unit designed to fit on even the smallest of pedalboards, the Morley Mini Wah is actually two pedals in one.

The Morley Mini Wah is compatible with the guitar, bass, and keyboard. It features a wah designed with vintage tones and a moderate sweep in mind. The Volume Control features a smooth audio taper volume control for volume swells and controlling dynamics on the fly. The selected effect is switchable by an easy access foot switch. This pedal features an Electro-Optical Control circuit so there are no pots to get dirty or wear out; instead, your foot-rocking is tracked with a beam of light. The Mini Wah Volume also features a True Tone bypass buffer circuit for maintaining your guitar’s tone whether the effect is on or off.

This pedal also uses LED indication for visual feedback and there is a side-mounted On/Off switch. The compact housing is ruggedly built in a cold rolled steel housing and there is an easy-to-access, built-in 9-volt battery compartment, or it can be powered by an optional Morley adapter.

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