Little Miss Sunshine from Skreddy Pedals

Little Miss SunshineThe Little Miss Sunshine is a vintage style optical phaser that creates a warm and smooth-sounding effect, with plenty of rich swirl.

Skreddy Pedals is a less-talked-about company that has been delivering quality pedals since 2004. You can hear Skreddy Pedals by listening to Billy Corgan, Al Di Meola, Joe Perry, and Phillip Orr. The Little Miss Sunshine is primarily considered to be an MXR Phase 90 clone, but by using optical electronics instead of FETs it creates its warm and smooth-sounding phase effect in a fundamentally different way. With only one oversized control knob to adjust the speed of the phaser sound, this pedal is very easy to use. The pedal aims for a transparent EQ that will not change your sound when you engage the effect, and it has plenty of fuzz-friendly headroom that won’t distort your signal.

This pedal also boasts an ultra low noise floor and is one of the quietest phaser pedals that you can buy. Everything is indicated by bright LEDs. The Green LED indicates when the pedal is on, and when it is in True Bypass. The Red LED is always flashing and it indicates the speed of the sweep that the phaser is using. This pedal does not use a 9-volt battery and is instead powered with an external power supply.

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