Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus

keeley seafoamKeeley Seafoam Plus Chorus

One of the most modern pedals on this list, the Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus, has a lot of features packed into its compact size. This pedal uses the same automatic doubler as that used in the Keeley 30ms Double Tracker. The Seafoam Plus has three modes of operation. ADT chorus mode creates a second and third voice each with its own slight delay and pitch to emulate a real chorus.

Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus – Sound

Seafoam mode is designed to sound like a vintage BBD analog chorus unit and it uses a familiar low frequency oscillator to create a super thick effect. Dual Chorus mode uses an internal crossover circuit to split your signal into highs and lows, then allowing you to set the amount of chorus for each. The Seafoam Plus also features an internal switch that allows a user to select Vintage Mode for a softer and warmer chorus tone. The pedal also features an internal switch that turns the pedal into a bass chorus, flanger, or tremolo. The modes are selected using a center-mounted switch and the settings of each mode are controlled using four knobs: Rate, Depth, Space, and Mix. This unit runs on an external 9-volt power supply.

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