Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal

Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb PedalThe Aurora features true bypass, 100% analog dry through, and a 24-bit, high-fidelity reverb processor.

The Aurora Digital Reverb is Keeley’s first digital reverb pedal. There are three types of reverb built into the pedal and they include Hall, Plate, and Room. The three types are selectable by using a center-mounted three-way toggle switch. The sound of each type of the Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal can be dialed in by using the four control knobs.

Decay adjusts the amount of time it takes for the reverberated sound to disappear, Slapback adjusts the pre-delay time up to 100 ms, and Blend adjusts the amount of reverb that is added to the dry signal. The Warmth knob adjusts the tone of the reverb, and turning it up actually rolls off the high end.

The Aurora features true bypass for an uncorrupted signal when the pedal is off. It also features 100% analog dry through, so only the wet part of the signal is sent through the circuit and is affected by the analog-to-digital converters.

The pedal features a 24-bit, high-fidelity reverb processor and is very low noise. The Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal uses a pedalboard-friendly compact design that is less than three inches wide, and it runs on an included external power supply.

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