Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase

Joyo JF-06 Vintage PhaseJoyo JF-06 Vintage Phase

The Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase is a pedal designed to emulate the phase tones of the Classic MXR Phase 90 Phaser. This Phaser pedal also keeps the very simple control scheme of using one single knob to get your perfect tone, just as the Phase 90 does. The single knob controls the speed of the Phase effect and allows a user to select very slow or very fast rotary speaker type speeds. This compact pedal features true bypass switching for an uncorrupted signal, as well as an LED On/Off status indicator. The pedal is housed in a sturdy aluminum alloy case that’s designed for years of hard use, and its small size makes it pedalboard-friendly. The Vintage Phase can be powered by a 9-volt battery or by an optional Boss-type power supply. One very strong point in favor of the Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase pedal is its extremely reasonable pricing.

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