Fulltone SB-2 Soul-Bender Distortion

Fulltone SB-2 Soul-Bender DistortionBased on the Colorsound and Vox Series III ToneBenders from the late '60s, the Soul-Bender is equipped with three germanium transistors.

Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page popularized the Colorsound and Vox Series III ToneBenders in the late ’60s. These units were manufactured by Sola-Sound/England, and the Fulltone SB-2 Soul-Bender Distortion is a pedal that is based on these products. The Soul Bender is equipped with three gain-matched germanium transistors for analogue distortion, it’s designed to be responsive to your guitar, and the sound will clean up when you lower the volume.

There are three control knobs on the Soul Bender: Volume adjusts the output level, helping you match it to the bypassed signal; Dirt adjusts the amount of drive added to the signal (which ranges from mild to heavy distortion); and Tone has been redesigned for a response and range that is more usable and less shrill-sounding. The Tone knob cuts Treble and increases Bass and Mids as you turn it clockwise, panning between a large and small capacitor. The Soul Bender features True Bypass, with a silent switching circuit and LED status indicator. It also features a better power supply filtering for less noise, and polarity protection to keep the sensitive Germanium transistors from damage.

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