Fulltone 69, the Fuzz that Roared

Fulltone 69 fuzzIf you are in the market for a truly amazing, world-class Fuzz pedal, look no further; the Fulltone 69 is your baby.

Of all the fuzz pedals I have tried, the Fulltone 69 is really the king. This is an incredibly transparent pedal with a top-shelf fuzz that can be easily rolled back for great tonal variations. Here’s more of what you should know about this impressive pedal:

Serious fun with Contour

The knob labeled “Contour” is where the real fun starts on the Fulltone 69. It is kind of a combination mid-range / thickness control. Needless to say, when turned down, the fuzz is a bit thinner as is the overall tone. This is helpful if you want fuzz without all the “woof.” When you increase the Contour level, the fuzz gets thicker and has more body. This also adds to the random harmonics and general squeaks that are likely to come out of your guitar. If you experiment by using less drive and more Contour (or vice verse) there are some seriously fun sounds to be found.

Complete transparency

Like most of Mike Fuller’s pedals, the Fullton 69 is totally transparent. It just adds amazingly complex fuzz to whatever you put into the pedal. On the other end of the pipe is your original tone, just with lots and lots of cream dripping from it. When the pedal is disengaged, the “True Bypass” claim is bolstered by an unfettered and decidedly pure tone.

Great overdrive sound

What I love about this pedal is that in nearly every possible tonal variation, you can simply roll back your guitar’s volume and you get a great overdrive sound. Every time I fire this pedal up, I am reminded of how incredibly sensitive it is to dynamics. This fuzz is never “out of control,” but it does double as a fun overdrive.

No longer being made

As of this article’s publication date, Mike Fuller is still not making these pedals. The reason is that he uses only hand-picked germanium transistors and no one is making them to his satisfaction any more. Keep an eye on his website though; he says that when he can get his hands on another batch of transistors, he’ll make some more Fullton 69 pedals.


There are many, many great fuzz pedals out there. I’m sure there are a few  I still have not tried yet, and are worthy of such a review. When I find ’em, I’ll surely write about ’em. In the meantime, if you need a great fuzz, buy the  Fullton 69. Ask questions later.

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