Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz Re-Make

Fulltone 69 mkIIIndividually hand-built for quality and perfection, and with matching germanium transistors for a warmer, smoother fuzz, the Fulltone 69 mkII Fuzz is a re-creation of the original 69 Fuzz.

The Fulltone 69 mkII is a re-creation of the original 69 Fuzz pedal. It uses matching germanium transistors to get a warmer and smoother fuzz, and there are four knobs to help you dial in your tone. A large “Fuzz” knob adjusts the amount of fuzzy delight, and a large “Volume” adjusts the level of signal coming out of the pedal and going into your amp.

A small “Contour” control adjusts the mid-range, and Sustain, a small “Input” knob, sets the bias of the signal going into the pedal and driving the fuzz. If you don’t mind opening the pedal up, there’s an internal control for adjusting the clipping symmetry, harmonics, and tracking, for a completely unique feel and tone. The mkII has a true bypass switch and LED “On” indicator.

Each pedal is handmade, to preserve quality and guarantee perfection. Only 15-20 pedals are made each week, so they can be a little hard to find. Besides being the fuzz pedal used on the first two Jimi Hendrix records, you can also hear it if you listen to The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crows, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, and many more. There is no question that the Fulltone 69 mkII deserves a look.

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