Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube FuzzThe uniquely-designed tube of the Fuzz Fiend protrudes from the unit, protected by roll bars, and using it as part of the circuit, the Fiend gets you from heavy fuzz to a cleaner tone, with just the volume knob.

The Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz is unique in that it is one of the few pedals that uses a real tube as part of its circuit. The Fuzz Fiend uses one 12AX7 tube to give the pedal it’s signature tone, and it has a FUZZ control and a VOLUME control. The Fuzz Fiend also has pretty extreme BASS, MID, TREBLE controls that can eliminate frequencies altogether, and really help you shape a unique sound, one not easily found elsewhere.

There’s an on/off switch with an LED indicator, as well as a RAGE button. Press the RAGE button and what you’ll get is a very aggressive, full-on, almost pixelated fuzz that needs to be heard to be appreciated. The tube needs a solid and steady current, so the Fuzz Fiend comes with its own power adapter. The circuit is housed in a solid metal case with plenty of air vents to help keep the tube cool.

The tube itself protrudes from the unit and is exposed to the air, protected by metal roll bars for a really distinguished look. With this pedal, you can go from a heavy fuzz effect to a much cleaner tone, just by rolling off the volume knob on the guitar.

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