Empress Effects Heavy Dual-Channel Distortion

Empress Effects Heavy Dual-Channel DistortionEmpress Effects Heavy Dual-Channel Distortion

The Empress Effects Heavy Dual-Channel Distortion pedal is designed for Heavy Metal and beyond. This is a two-channel overdrive capable of delivering very heavy distortion. Using transistors, the Empress Distortion features a completely analogue distortion. The Gain controls adjust the amount of gain applied to the signal, the Weight control adjusts the character of your low end, and the Mid control allows you to adjust the midrange tone on each channel. You can set the tone center of the Mid control knob with the three-position Mid Frequency switch, which allows you to choose between 250hz, 500hz, or 2000hz. The Output control knob adjusts the volume of the effect. Both channels share the same Hi and Low EQ controls, and each has its own three-position Gate switch to allow you to choose between None, Natural, or Aggressive to control the noise between notes. The Heavy Dual-Channel uses soft touch relay switches for noiseless operation, and it also features true bypass for an uncorrupted signal when the pedal is not in use. It’s powered via external 9-volt adapter, and housed in a die-cast aluminum case.

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