Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive

soul food overdriveThe Soul Food Overdrive is sensitive to your playing and you can control the amount of overdrive with a softer attack or your volume control.

The Soul Food Overdrive is yet another great effect pedal from the people at Electro-Harmonix. This is their representation of the KLON CENTAUR overdrive pedal, one that can cost thousands of dollars. This pedal features boosted power rails to give the guitar signal more headroom and definition.

Three controls, Volume, Drive, and Treble make it easy to get the exact tone that you’re looking for. In addition, the Soul Food is designed to deliver a wide range of usable overdrive tones. So, everything from a clean boost to heavy distortion is easily dialed in. It features true bypass for purists, and also a buffered bypass for transparently boosting your signal even when the pedal is off.

The Soul Food is also designed to be as transparent as possible at low settings, then, as you increase the overdrive you also increase the amount of midrange added to the signal, helping it cut through as the sound gets more and more distorted. You can run this pedal with a 9-volt battery or the included 9-volt power supply.

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