Dunlop 535Q-B Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah Pedal

dunlop 535q-bCreated so you can get the wah tones that you're after, the Dunlop 535Q-B Cry Baby is the next generation of the original Cry Baby Wah pedal that has been very popular for decades.

The 535Q has been designed to allow you to customize your sound and get the wah tones that you’re looking for. This wah pedal features a six-position switch that allows you to select from different frequency ranges of operation.

Each of the frequency ranges is based on popular ones from other vintage wah pedals made by Dunlop. There is a variable Q control that allows you to adjust the Q of the chosen frequency range from a broad and subtle sweep, to a very narrow and sharp sweep. There is also a switchable boost control that you can adjust using a mini control knob on the side of the unit, to get up to 18db of signal boost.

The circuitry in the Dunlop 535Q-B uses less power than the original Cry Baby and it also eliminates unwanted distortion. The Dunlop 535Q-B is powered by an easy to reach 9-volt battery or with the Dunlop ECB003 adapter. Of course, the Dunlop 535Q-B is built into the same extremely rugged type of housing as that of the Original Cry Baby.

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