Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb Pedal

Boss RV-6As Boss’s first new compact reverb pedal since 2002, the RV-6 provides eight different effects and four control knobs to make your sound choices.

The RV-6 is Boss’s first new compact reverb pedal since 2002. The Boss RV-6 offers eight different reverb effects and uses four control knobs to dial in your sound. The first control knob is the Effect Level and this allows you to adjust how much reverb is mixed with the dry signal. The Tone knob adjusts the brightness of the reverb, and the Time knobs adjust how long the reverb trails off. The last knob allows you to choose among the available reverbs.

Modulate has subtle chorus qualities, Spring is a classic spring reverb emulator, and Plate, Hall, and Room are all high-quality emulations. Dynamic is sensitive to your playing. When you play fast and hard the pedal will back off the reverb, but when you soften your playing and let the notes ring out, the pedal will turn it up.

Shimmer is a wash of smooth reverb effect, with an octave up, joined by orchestral instruments, and is a highly sought-after sound from the 1994 PS-3 Pitch Shifter/Delay pedal. +Delay turns the pedal into a simple delay pedal.* The Boss RV-6 uses all newly-designed algorithms to create the different reverb types. It features stereo inputs and outputs, and it also allows you to connect an expression pedal.

*NOTE: According to the Boss website, the +Delay “provides rich reverberation.”

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