Boss DD 500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

boss DD 500With customizable control settings, the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay is versatile, complex, and packed with great creative power.

The Boss DD 500 features 12 versatile delay modes ranging from vintage style tape emulators to modern digital clarity. The ultra clean sound is delivered using 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate. There are customizable control settings for onboard and external switches. A large, bright, and easy-to-read LCD panel makes editing and storing patches fairly easy tasks. There is a Time/Value knob to adjust delay milliseconds, and a Feedback knob to adjust the amount of signal fed back into the unit.

The Effect Level lets you adjust the wet/dry mix of the signal, a Tone control knob adjusts the tone of the delayed signal, and the Mod Depth control allows you to adjust the modulation of the delayed signal. There are also four buttons that help you cycle through saved patches, to edit and resave patches etc. The DD-500 is also equipped with a built-in Phrase Looper, MIDI, USB, and more. It allows you to switch between buffered-bypass or true-bypass operations. The pedal is powered with four AA batteries or a PSA-series AC adapter. There is also dedicated software available that allows you to edit the pedal’s patches on your computer, with a USB connector.

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