Best Guitar Phase Shifter Pedals

best guitar phase shifterLet’s take a look at guitar phase shifter pedals, those often overlooked and under-discussed, but-much valued instrument effects.

Here are some of the best guitar phase shifter pedals around, and a word or two on what they’re all about. For starters, the phaser and the flanger might sound similar, but the phaser is based on frequency while the flanger is based on time. Very simply explained, the phaser splits your guitar signal into at least two signals and leaves one version unaltered. The other version is run through a tone control capacitor very similar to the Tone control on a guitar, but set to different frequencies.

This action filters out some frequencies and also “flips” the signal 180 degrees in phase. When the two signals are combined, there is a phase cancellation between the two signals, based on the value of the capacitor; the resulting tone is the phase-shifted sound. The value of the capacitor changes by using an oscillator, which creates the up and down motion of the phase shifter. The speed of the oscillation is often controllable by the user.

We’re looking at some of the best guitar phase shifter pedals, despite the fact that they’re not “must-haves” for many guitarists; they have, however, been used by many great musicians on many great recordings, including “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love” by Van Halen, “Bark at The Moon” by Ozzy Osbourne, and “The Number Of The Beast” by Iron Maiden.

And, as an added note, Led Zeppelin uses the phaser on the drums in the song “Kashmir,” and Billy Joel uses the phaser on his Fender Rhodes Electric Piano in the song “Just The Way You Are.”

MXR CSP026 ’74 Vintage Phase 90 PedalMXR CSP026 ’74 Vintage Phase 90 Pedal

The MXR Phase 90 has been one of the most popular pedals in the world, since its introduction in the mid 1970’s and can be heard on quite a few classic songs by Waylon Jennings, Johnny Winter, The Rolling Stones, and many more. Eddie Van Halen used this phaser extensively on Van Halen’s first few albums and that also helped make the effect very popular, starting in 1978. more…

TC Electronic Helix Phaser PedalTC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal

The TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal is a modern style digital Phaser that was designed to give you all of the sounds from the past and help you invent new tones for the future. The first thing to take notice of with this pedal is its inclusion of “Toneprint.” Introduced by TC Electronics back in 2011, it allows musicians to connect the pedal to the internet and download hundreds of settings and patches that were created by their favorite artists. more…

EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V3 Phaser PedalEarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V3 Phaser Pedal

The Grand Orbiter V3 is a four-stage phaser that uses an OTA-based circuit to make it a 100% analog pedal. It features a three-way switch that allows you to select different modulation ranges. Rate 1 is a slow sweep mode, Rate 2 turns off the LFO and lets you use the Grand Orbiter as a fixed resonant filter, and Rate 3 is a fast sweep mode. more…

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter PedalBoss PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal

The Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal is a digital phaser created by a legendary pedal effects company. The pedal features the very solid construction that Boss is known for, and it has been designed to recreate all of the vintage phaser sounds you might be looking for, while still being able to create new, modern phase tones. more…

Skreddy Pedals Little Miss SunshineSkreddy Pedals Little Miss Sunshine

The Skreddy Pedals Little Miss Sunshine Phaser pedal is a vintage style optical phaser that delivers plenty of rich swirl. Skreddy Pedals is a less-talked-about company that has been delivering quality pedals since 2004. You can hear Skreddy Pedals by listening to Billy Corgan, Al Di Meola, Joe Perry, and Phillip Orr. more…

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